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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth...

The average adult has a total of 32 teeth - 16 on top and 16 on the bottom. By the age of 18, most of these teeth have developed.

Wisdom teeth are the back 'molar' teeth and are the very last to develop. If the wisdom teeth are prevented from erupting, only partially emerge, or begin to grow sideways, then they need to be removed to avoid bacteria growth and infection.

Erupting wisdom teeth can cause pain, disruption to the natural alignment of teeth and, if left untreated, can form cysts or tumours. The problem is usually resolved following the removal of the offending tooth.

Early removal of wisdom teeth is recommended to avoid future problems.

The removal of wisdom teeth is predominantly performed under general anaesthetic and in some cases under local anaesthetic and sedation in an accredited hospital facility with a specialist anaesthetist.

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